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MCF Post Cushions

MCF Post Cushions for WRSB’s

MCF Post Cushion® – Motorcycle Friendly (MCF) post impact force reduction cushions 

The MCF Post Cushion® Impact Reduction System has been NATA Laboratory tested for proof that the impact force is reduced with their fitment to Wire Rope Safety Barriers (WRSB’s). The exceptional qualities of the ‘multi-layer’ polymeric material construction together with the polyurethane outer skin, offer these excellent impact force reduction qualities.


  • The MCF Post Cushion® easily fits all common WRSB steel posts
  • Offers improved impact load reduction for motorcyclists
  • Attractive, smooth and clean outer surface colour to match post
  • ‘Non-shattering’ material which avoids debris being scattered across the road
  • Hardwearing and able to withstand multiple impacts
  • Abrasion resistant and weather hardy 


Product Code: 8072
Height: 490mm
Wall Thickness: 50mm
Post Diameter: 50mm x 100mm

Product Code: 8073
Height: 490mm
Wall Thickness: 75mm
Post Diameter: 50mm x 100mm

Product Code: 8070
Height: 1000mm
Wall Thickness: 75mm
Post Diameter: 60mm