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Boxed Edge Guide posts

Hitachi H65 Electric Jackhammer

Hitachi H65 Electric Jackhammer is perfect for quick installation of RPS Omni-flex® and Dyna-flex® guideposts.

Product Features

  • For 30mm hex type
  • Strongest demolition performance in this class
  • Internal double-insulated construction with sturdy aluminium frame
  • Soft grip and shock-absorbing handle
  • Soft grip side handle
  • Power input 1,340W
  • Full Load Impact Rate 1,400/min
  • Bit shank 30mm Hex (1-3/16”)
  • Standard accessories: carrying case, bull point, side-handle wrenches


For the installation of the following RPS guideposts:

Omni-Flex® Boxed Edge Guide Posts – use with FPD2706 Jackhammer attachment tool
Dyna-Flex® PVC Guide Posts –  use with FPD2706 Jackhammer attachment tool





726mm (28-19/32”)